Mad River Food Hub Facility

The Mad River Food Hub was created in response to the need of Vermont food producers to have access to a workspace that allowed them to create their products under USDA meat inspection, or in a fully licensed commercial kitchen.

For us, success is measured in the number of customers who can graduate from our facility with a strong business ready to take the steps into the next stage of growth.  We offer our processing and storage facility, business and production guidance, and on-site HACCP and food safety training to help get start up businesses the support they need to make and market their products.  To that end, we also offer the Equipment Access Program to get new businesses high-end equipment sooner in the start up process to accelerate their production capacity.

What Does The Mad River Food Hub Offer?


Mad River Food Hub consists of 4 individual rooms that can be rented by the day for meat processing, one of which is a licensed and furnished commercial kitchen for ready to eat food processing.  Processing customers have access to our walk-in fridge and freezer, along with our 2-bay loading dock to easily receive items they need for processing.

On-site Guidance 

Customers can access meat processing and sales guidance from our on-site facility manager. We always work to help our customers grow their knowledge of the processing side of their business,alongside the trainings that we offer for more in depth education.


For many small producers, food safety is the biggest hurdle to bringing a product to market.  With USDA regulations requiring HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) plans for all meat products the challenge can be too much for a starting food entrepreneur.  Mad River Food Hub offers 11 different HACCP plans ready to use, from sausage and hams, to salami and bacon.


Our facility offers dry, cold, and frozen storage rentable monthly by the pallet. Storage customers are given 24/7 access to their products  Learn more about our storage offerings here.

Curing Facility

Mad River Food Hub has a first in the nation shared-use dry curing facility.  With rising demand for locally sourced dry cured salamis, coppa, pancetta, and hams, this facility allows our customers to produce high quality and high margin ready to eat products without the investment in a curing facility of their own.