Sometimes the hardest part of creating a premium local product is getting it to your end customer.  Vermont is a small state that starts to feel much larger when you're the person doing all of your own distribution.  

Additionally, one of the (only?) downsides to living in our secluded corner of Vermont is the access to high quality ingredients that our makers need produce their artisanal products.  Through our ability to backhaul products from outside of the area we can bring in ingredients from larger distributors and producers along with whole carcasses from slaughterhouses throughout the state.

Let Mad River Food Hub get your product where it needs to go

With our two trucks on the road 5 days a week we can deliver your product to just about anywhere in Central and Southern Vermont.  Check out our delivery map here.

Unlike traditional distributors, our focus is on delivery logistics rather than buying and selling product.  We strongly believe that the best sales person for your product is you - you can tell your story, explain what makes it special, and cultivate relationships with your customers better than any distributor can.  You get the sales, get us the product, and we'll get it to where it needs to go!