One on One Training

Personalized Meat Cutting Training and Consulting

We're always happy to offer custom one on one training and consulting to anyone looking to explore a particular area of meat production - from farmers who want to spend a day getting acquainted with the butchery of the animals they produce, to people looking to start this own meat business but wanting more hands on familiarity with whole animal butchery.

Bill has opened two butcher shops and a meat processing plant and can help with just about any element of the planning, fit out, and start up of a retail or wholesale meat business. With experience from start to finish in the meat world, Bill can help not just butchery learning, but also value added production, cost analysis, and break down yield tracking.

Contact Bill with an idea of what you're looking to learn, and he can help tailor one on one training to meet your exact needs.

Small Business Financials 

An important part of running a successful small business is the firm grasp of the essential financials involved, along with well organized book keeping. Understanding cost of goods, margin, and how to properly read a balance sheet can be daunting, but is crucial to making good business decisions.

With experience as a CFO of several companies, Robin Morris is a wealth of knowledge in the confusing world of small business financials. Whether you're a farmer needing better information on cost of production, or you're an existing food business looking for advice on scaling up, Robin is the man to talk to.