Storage at the Mad River Food Hub

The Mad River Food Hub offers dry, cold, and frozen storage available to rent monthly by the pallet. Our storage facility is an integral part of what we do to support local farmers and food businesses.  Our warehouse is full of everything from BBQ sauce from a restaurant in Waterbury to frozen hops for a brewery right here in town.  Having access to a local storage option has been a huge benefit to the Mad River Valley's emerging and established businesses.

To rent storage space at the food hub we require:

  • A signed rental agreement

  • A certificate of insurance listing Mad River Food Hub as additional insured

  • All product be able to fit on a 4x4x4 pallet, wrapped.

Storage Rates

  • Freezer Pallet - $50/month

  • Refrigerated Pallet - $35/month occasional access, $44/month daily access

  • Dry Storage Pallet - $20

Additionally, the handling fees associated with storage at Mad River Food Hub are:

  • Receiving/stocking pallet - $12.50

  • Shipping/loading pallet - $12.50

  • Picking items for distribution - $1.50 to $2.50 per unit

Please contact us for more details and availability