Working at Mad River Food Hub

We've got your inspection needs covered

The Mad River Food Hub is fully USDA inspected for meat processing.  That means you can produce a product here under one of our HACCP Plans and sell it direct or wholesale, statewide or nationwide. We're also a state Health Department inspected facility, which allows non-meat customers to operate here under their own health department license.

What you need to get started at Mad River Food Hub

First all, get in touch! Let us know what your processing needs are and we can advise the best way to go about getting started here.  We're always happy to talk through any ideas you might have, and let you know what we think might work or who you should talk to if you need some more advice.

From there, we just need:

  • A signed copy of the rental agreement
  • Proof of liability insurance of at least $1 million with Mad River Food Hub L3C listed as additional insured
  • State Board of Health License to Operate (if you plan on doing non meat processing)

Once we've got the paperwork taken care of, we can schedule a test day.  

Test Day

All new customers at Mad River Food Hub are required to complete a test day.  A test day is a great way for you to get to know what it's like to work at the food hub and it gives us a chance to see your process in action and suggest changes that might make your time here more efficient.  The goal isn't to do a full-sized batch of anything, but to produce a small amount of product from start to finish so we can work through the entire process.  

Once the test day is done and you're feeling comfortable with processing at the food hub, you're free to schedule full days.