Processing Rooms

Processing Rooms at Mad River Food Hub

To accommodate multiple businesses in our shared-use facility, the food hub is divided into 4 distinct processing rooms.  2 rooms are raw product only, with various peices of equipment that can be set up according to a business's needs.  We also have a commercial kitchen for raw or ready to eat processing, and a prep room for our dry curing facility.  

Raw Processing

We designed the raw processing rooms to be configurable to meet the needs of any business.  A room that could be used to chop vegetables one day can be set up for sausage making the next. Both of our raw processing rooms have coolbot units to lower the temperature for ideal product quality and USDA processing conditions.

The raw rooms can be rented by the day for USDA inspected meat processing, Vermont State inspected meat processing, custom exempt meat processing, and any type of FDA/Health department non-meat processing.

Dry-aged Curing Facility

Mad River Food Hub has the first USDA inspected shared-used dry aged curing facility in the country.  Our customers can use our temperature and humidity controlled fermentation and aging rooms to make the highest quality salami and cured whole muscle products.  Demand in this sector has been growing quickly, and dry aged products represent the highest margin value added meat products you can make.

Our Commercial Kitchen

Our kitchen features a 40 gallon steam kettle, a 6 top stove, 2 convection ovens and a blast chiller. It's also sized to accommodate larger crews to maximize the amount of product that can get made in a day.

Smoking Room

With a separate ventilation system, our smoking room allows customers to create smoked meats without needing to use the kitchen.  The smoker rolls right into a processing room to be filled and emptied.